Summer is that time of the year we always look forward to. Outdoor activites; games, walks, could be no less fun at this time. Anyhoo, your hair stands at a higher risk to getting damaged. So, here are 8 ways to keep your hair  in order to get your hair safe and proper during the fun time and every other time of the year!


Scarfs or hat add fun elements to your look on a sunny summer day. Ranging from wide-brimmed hats to denim caps and canvas hats. If you need your hair all covered, you can try just a scarf or wrapping your hair into a silk scarf before having your hat on.



Protecting your hair is a priority when you’re ensuring to keep it safe from the sun. Protective styles such as a bun, braid, or ponytail can help your hair remain secure and untangled, which can eventually lead to split ends.



Shampooing at this time of the year usually should be rescheduled. You shouldn’t shampoo too often, as frequent wash can result in dry and brittle hair. To prevent dry hair, using a hydrating shampoo is extremely beneficial as it gently cleanses while restoring hydration to dry or chemically treated hair. Ensure that an effective shampoo that leaves your hair with optimal moisture is used at this time.



Using hot tools at this time, might only add up to the already packed up heat caused from the Sun’s UV rays. It mught only add up to the damage. So, either limit the usage of hot styling tools such as a blow dryer, hot comb, flattener etc or completely avoid using them if you most of your time spent during the summer will be outdoors.


Using a heat protectant when styling important to keep your hair safe from heat damage caused by the sun or styling tools. A heat-protecting spray would strengthen and smooth the hair surface, locking in hydration.



The UV rays outdoor only leaves your hair dry. For those who love swimming; saltwater and chlorine will leave it feeling brittle, applying a leave-in conditioner before going out is likely one of the best things that you can do to take care of your hair. Beautifully, a leave-in conditioner will not only moisturize your hair, but it will help keep the hair protected from further damage.



For kinks with color-treated hair, it is essential to take proper care of your hair. Yes, this is because , it has already been through harsh chemicals that have caused some underlying damage. Consequently, exposure to heat, pool water, and saltwater will only add to that damage. That is why it is adviced to use products that are meant and created for color-treated hair. It prevent impairment and will help protect the color from fading or looking streaky. .


Hydrate! Yes or yes, drinking water helps to keep your hair healthy; it also energizes and supports hair growth from root to tip. Having issues with split ends and brittle hair? Try out hydrating intentionally. It helps keep your scalp healthy. Drinking water also pays you with less dryness of the hair, itchiness, or dandruff!

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