If there is one thing that is almost inevitable with natural hair, it is entangling hair. All it takes is one sleep with your hair let out and strands intertwining on each other. Other factors may include, wrong use of detangling products or hair care products generally.

There are benefits of detangling your natural hair. For starters, think of your closet in an utter mess, clothes, shoes and bag all scattered around. Do you like what the picture looks like in your head? Of course not. Now, the closet is your head and all the other items are your hair strands. You’ll sure look better with a properly cleaned up and arranged hair than an entangled mess.

Here are 5 ways to detangle your natural hair.

When detangling your hair, keep in mind that detangling your hair requires care and patience, also, your fave’s detangling product may not work for your hair. Find a suitable hair product that works for you and stick to it. That being said, let’s dive right in.

Section your hair into workable and manageable portions:

The smaller the portions, the easier the work. This might seem time consuming, but it pays off a lot more and ensures that knots formed are thoroughly taken out.

Moisturize your hair:

Rule number 1 is never detangle your hair dry. This will save you. You can add moisture by applying a moisturizer, water and hair oil mixed in a spray bottle or a conditioner.

Do some finger work:

Run your fingers through your hair from the tips all the way up to the roots. This method helps to do a little of the work and leaves your hair more workable.

Use a wide tooth comb:

Be particular about the type of comb you use while detangling. You want to use a wide tooth comb that will enable your hair strands gliding through the comb and not a fine tooth comb that will cause tension on your hair strands.

Repeat the process for each section, comb out properly and make each section into a braid or twist.


Detangle your natural hair in these 5 ways. We’ll love to get feedbacks from you in the comments.




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