Many times, the aesthetic of a celebrity is what thrills us. We want to do the look-alike-thing! Oh well, that’s not a bad idea, if and if only you know how to go about it.

Here are 4 steps to getting any celebrity’s look.


To become a particular figure, you need to research on who you’re after and what you’re after. Are you fascinated about their wardrobe? Then, get to know the parameters of this person’s wardrobe! Do they wear lots of floral pants or checked jumpsuits? Maybe some dull or bold color choices? Do they have a signature hairdo or lipstick shade? Have a note. Find out as much as you can.

Get started With What You’ve Got

After you’re sure to have figured out your choice celeb’s style, get to work! Check out what you already have that fits the bill. Go through your wardrobe, shoe rack, and other accessories to locate anything similar enough you need to getting your dream look.

Shop their line!

Many celebrities have a signature of a particular clothing company? You must have known this while making your investigation in step one. Perfect! Buy a few select pieces from their line to capture their vibe.

Hair and Makeup

You must have discovered your celeb’s signature look. Now, re-create! Re-create their makeup and hairstyles. Do all what you need to wearing a satisfied and content smile at the long run.


Let us know if these 4 steps to getting any celebrity’s look is of help to you. xo!

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