Having you hair loc’d is a great idea. However, to get your locs perfect and looking dazzling, there are certain mistakes you must avoid.

Here are four things your locs might just smile at, if you adhere to it.

Washing Too Frequently:

I know you never want to be tagged “smelly”. It’s apparent that locs could be stereotyped as dirty, but then, you may never get to pay attention to your hair as you’d do with your locs on. However, incessant washing may have your locs take extremely long time to officially lock in. Your locs might grow thin too.

Not Moisturizing Adequately:

There’s a tendency to get so comfortable with your loced hair and thus get lazy about oiling my scalp. Don’t wait for your locs to get ashy or brittle before you get it moisturized. Spritz in some water based moisturizer, oil and get those locs look sweet.

DIY gone wrong:

Try not to carry out experiments on your locs. If possible visit a loctician as soon as you notice issues with your locs. Except, you’re doing your basic hair care try not to colour, trifle, rehab, repair, and lot more yourself. In some cases , your pretty locs might turn out brittle and begin to break. You might just wreck havoc on your hair’s overall health.

Styling and Manipulation:

Limiting styling your locs hair to give it a chance to breathe, is not a bad idea. Give breaks to manipulation styling. Don’t go incessant on curls, twists or braiding. Your hair might just thank you.

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