Have you ever wondered why over the years, your hair might have stopped growing, despite all that you might be doing? I tell you what, you might be doing some or many things wrongly that is why this blog post is targeted at giving you 10 reasons why your natural hair is not growing

You are probably cutting your hair often:

The average human hair grows ½ an inch per month. An analysis would show that in 8 months, your hair should have grown about 4 inches. Not forgetting, while combing; 0.6 inches might probably break off, while getting your split ends , an inch will go off. Taking split ends might be helpful for your hair, but, it is advisable to do that only when necessary. A heat damaged hair can be taken off. Incessant cutting or trimming wouldn’t let your hair grow out to its maximum length. Let go of the scissors and let your hair grow. Better off, avoid cutting your hair in 6-8 weeks.

How well do you moisturize your hair ?

A typical black girl wears a protective hairstlye or braids and takes them out at the end of the month. Holy Heavens!! That’s the only time she permits water to touch her hair. Your hair needs water and moisture to grow, blossom, and thrive.
Sometimes, you ought to leave your hair alone, feast it with water and other moisture based products and watch it grow. Meanwhile, while wearing your protective styles like braids or twists, you ought to moisturize.
If you’re fine with oils, apply them. Oils are sealants, so ensure that your hair is well moisturized with water before applying your oils. If not, you’ll be sealing your dry scalp if applied without moisturizing. Check out moisturizers for healthy hair here

You probably Have a Poor Hair Care Routine:

Not every hair care routine helps your hair. Try sticking to hairstyles that help you retain length.

A proper diet?

Having a proper diet is pivotal for your hair growth. It is considered that people who eat food rich in proteins seldom have to face hair growth restrictions. A poor diet can meet with poor or no hair growth at all.
Vitamins and irons are essential in bringing blood to the scalp. Of course, the more circulation of blood you have in your hair follicles, the more your hair grows.

Buildups of products on the scalp:

Your hair follicles get blocked after there’s a residue of oils and various hair products. There’s entirely no way you can grow your hair in that fix. Make sure your scalp is clean, leaving no prolonged dirt or extra oils on it. With this, your hair follicles feel unrestricted to receive oxygen and grow.

Manipulative hairstyles:

If your hair is breaking too often, then, it can be traced to manipulative hairstyles. You either choose to go less on manipulation hairstyles or a no to them at all. You shouldn’t touch or style your hair too often. Make friends with protective hairstyles.

Excessive use of chemicals on your hair

Natural products are best for your natural hair. Chemicals are’nt your best friend. Silicon products give your hair slip and makes the detangling process easier. However, it must avoid your your scalp.
Of course, relaxers are’nt hair friendly. They destroy the protein in your hair and then result in breakage. Frequent use of dyes in your hair means you are over processing your hair and the end result would be excess breakage.


Using so much heat for every desired styling is quite damaging. Anytime a blow dryer or straightener is used, your hair directly takes the heat, becomes dry, thinner crispy and brittle then results to break off or shedding. This is worse when a heat protectant isn’t used before the styling.

How well do you protect your hair at night?:

Your hair may not be growing because you hit the sack without covering your hair with either a satin bonnet or scarf. Worse still, if you’re using a cotton pillowcase it will definitely suck moisture out of your hair overnight leading to split ends.

Psychological reasons:

Stress can come in form of anxiety, depression, psychosis, and work. Stress increases steroids, testosterone, and other hormones, which decreases hair growth. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has a huge adverse effect on our body hormones. It results in decreased or no growth of hairs.

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