Did you know that as important as washing your hair is, you can also be doing it wrongly? In this blog post, I’ll be giving you a few hair washing tips you didn’t know you need.

Avoid washing hair everyday:

Whoever told you that you need to wash your hair everyday lied to you and in fact does not care about you. What over washing does is strip your hair off oils naturally produced by your sebum. However, this depends on the nature of your hair (for extremely oily hair) and also in cases of product build up. Your hair wash frequency also depends on your hair thickness and hair type. Those with thicker, coarser hair, meanwhile, should “aim for washings say every five to seven days if possible.

Carefully pick your hair products:

Know your hair type and products that work for you. Let’s start out with your hair shampoo. I will put it to you that if you don’t pick the right hair shampoo, you will do more harm to your hair than good.

  • If you have fine hair, (aka if you can barely see or feel a single hair between your fingertips) you’ll want to use a gentle clarifying shampoo.
  • If you have thick or coarse hair, look for something with moisturizing qualities.
  • If you have color-treated hair, look for something color-safe that won’t strip your hair dye every time you wash it.
  • For bleached hair, look for a clarifying shampoo to prevent unwanted yellow tones.

Whatever hair type, it is advised to avoid shampoos with Sulfates and Silicones. They howbeit do greatly at cleaning your hair but in the long run will leave your hair dry.

Also, find moisturizing conditioners and other optional products. Moisturizing conditioners to help keep the ends of your hair from splitting or drying out.

Bonus tip: Get a good quality hairbrush that won’t break your hair while you brush.

Be careful with your wash water

The nature of water you use on your hair matters. Hard water which contains a buildup of minerals, such as Calcium and Magnesium can leave a film on your hair, thereby drying out your hair and even making it difficult to moisturize.

How to effectively wash your hair

Thoroughly wet your hair

You don’t want to jump straight into shampooing without wetting your hair cause girl, you may really slip and fall and I don’t want that for you, sweetie. Get your hair fully wet, let the water flow over your head for at least 1 minute, then run your fingers through your hair to make sure all of it (even the ends) are fully wet. This will help open the cuticles, making it easier for your hair to absorb your conditioner later.

Apply your shampoo

We’ve all agreed that you should choose suitable hair products for your hair, yeah? Now, you also need to make sure you’re applying the correct amount of shampoo for your hair length — not too little and not too much but just enough to get your hair a thorough cleanse. Before applying the shampoo to your hair, mix it with a little water in the palm of your hand. “This way you’ll reduce the direct impact of the shampoo on your scalp and reduce product consumption,” Davis says.

Go easy on your scalp

Asides being kind to people, you know who else you should be kind to? Your scalp. Yes, your scalp! Take the time to massage your scalp with gentle pressure while avoiding circular or harsh back and forth movements instead move your fingers and palms gently to avoid tangling and damaging the follicles for about 3 minutes. Aim for the same kind of pressure a stylist uses when they wash your hair and give you a scalp massage.

Rinse thoroughly

Spend time and water to rinse your hair. Ensure that you rinse well enough to take off all left overs of soap. This will help to prevent scalp build up. Try rinsing with cold water, especially if you have dry hair because it helps hair stay stronger and healthier. Cold water doesn’t dry out the sebum layer of your hair, a naturally lubricated barrier that protects your hair and keeps it strong.


Apply Conditioner

Apply your conditioner from the mid-shaft down to the ends of your hair and not on your scalp. Allow the conditioner sit in your hair for 2 to 3 minutes or 5 to 7 minutes depending on the direction for use for the product you’re using. Letting it sit this amount of time will soften and smooth your hair, making it shinier once it’s dry.

Rinse again

Repeat the rinsing process just like with after shampooing. Again, ensure to take out all product from your hair strands.


Dry your hair by gently patting your towel on your hair. You need to be particular about the nature of towel you are using for this. Go for microfibre towels because its fibre is smoother and won’t damage your hair. Remember the rougher the towel, the more damage it will cause your hair and you already know I don’t want that for you, darling!

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