Bald spots on your hair doesn’t call for an alarm. While it is best to positively embrace your new look; here are 4 tips to help hide these spots every other day.

Use of Clip-in Extensions

Using of clip-in extensions are choice ways to add temporary length to your hair and of course, volume. It’s good news that a strategically placed clip-in can mask your bald spots and also give your hair a thicker and longer look. The good news is that you can shop a wide variety of hair extensions ranging from clip in extensions to wigs, ponytail wigs, afro textured wig etc here

Trying out Accessories

Accessories are go- options at any time of the day. Hair accessories are the fastest and easiest ways to cover a bald area. They don’t hesitate to add that vibe you require for your day. Opting for a stunning silk scarf or an on-trend hat, intriguing turban or bandanna is a nice idea. Your hair will look absolutely flawless, and your bald spot would remain our little secret.

Sliding to a Thickening Hair Care Routine

Now, here’s some  other good news your bald spot would be happy to embrace. It is wise to opt for a hair care routine that could help thicken your hair. Obviously, this should come after a visit to a dermatologist!

Styling Differently

Hitting things up a little differently such as your hair style can change a lot. From your hair cut to the way you dry it, can have effects on the appearance of bald areas. Consider speaking to your hair dresser or barber about this.

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